Harbors & Hamburg

Red bricks. That’s what comes to my mind whenever I think back of our weekend in Hamburg. The red bricks’ buildings in the harbour area. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt fascinated by that kind of “beginning of the industrial era” looks. They have an imagery associated with all the progress promises waiting to be unfolded that triggers my imagination.

In Hamburg these red brick buildings beautifully frame the harbor area, giving it a touch of charisma. During our say, they were like a magnet. It seemed that wherever we went, they were always there, at the end of the street, signaling our destination.

Truth to be told, we didn’t spend as much time exploring Hamburg as we usually do with other cities, because we quickly found out that Hamburg had these amazing… outdoor shops! And we were in a frenzy to buy a couple of essentials that were still missing in our packing list, for our upcoming RTW trip. So, shame on us, but we ended up spending half the time we were there raiding all these shops!

The other half was indeed spent trying to get to know the city as best as we could. The area by the Binnenalster lake is perfect for an evening stroll (and a scoop of ice cream) and going down the Elbe through the St. Pauli Elbetunnel was pretty cool!

One of Hamburg’s well-deserved main attractions is the Miniatur Wunderland. It definitely brings out the kid in you and we spent there hours, looking at all those trains and intricate scenarios. It’s a masterpiece of imagination, detailed work and a bit of electronics. It’s definitely worth the visit.

Talking about food, our last lunch at the Syrian restaurant Saliba, by the lake, was delicious. Highly recommended!

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