A safe haven in Porto

The sweetness that lingers in your mouth long after the Port wine sip is done is ubiquitous in Porto. More than a taste, it is a character trait for the city and for its people, impossible to contain even by the thick glass of a bottle.

Ribeira is an old beauty, peeking at the Douro mirror on a sunny and blue skied day, showing off the relics of a grand past. Like with a great love, you need time and devotion to unpeel the outer layers and be worthy of the concealed beauties within.

The Port wine is the blood that oxygenates everything, purple, ruby, rich in flavour, sweet in taste, pumped up and down the river veins, in the wood caskets of the Rabelo boats, linking east to west. Connecting the pleasure centres of your brain, with the deep flavours in your tongue.

Jules *

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