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Lisbon in twelve years, twelve pictures, twelve stories

“Verne at Jules & Verne writes about Lisbon, Portugal — the city he’s lived in for 12 years. Fittingly, he weaves 12 accounts with 12 accompanying pictures and popular Portuguese sayings from these 12 years in and around Portugal’s capital.”

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Five days alone hiking the Fishermen’s Trail

“After five days of solo hiking along Portugal’s Atlantic coast, pseudonymous blogger Verne of Jules Verne Times Two reflects on how important time with other people was — but how brief that time needed to be.”

Is one really the loneliest number?, WordPress Discover



“Keep calm but remain outraged”: London in the midst of Brexit

“In Keep Calm But Remain Outraged, Verne at Jules Verne Times Two shares a photo essay of a Brexit protest march in London, England, earlier this fall.”

One World, Many Angles: A Selection of Images from 2016, WordPress Discover