4 thoughts on “Exchange tips

  1. Jules and Verne,

    First of all, I want you to have fun together and return with eyes shining.

    The following is a statement of interest: I am a fervent supporter of travel with little detailed plans to suit each budget and maximum flexibility on the ground.

    That said, I risk only two suggestions: Patagonia, Uluru.

    A council for the entire journey in Asia: totally calm to solve a problema; never assume they understand you or agree with you.

    A big hug



  2. Dear Jules and Verne,
    I have never been to Peru but one thing I would definitely try if I went there would be to go to a Gaston Acurio’s restaurant – you might have tried it already. He is really one of the best cook in the world and has quite a personality. I have seen some documentary on TV about him, a great guy, succeeding very well at promoting the Peruvian cuisine outside its borders. Let me know if you manage to try his cuisine. I am sure he has some vegetarian option.


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