Our Round The World Packing list

Packing for a 5 month trip spanning across multiple climates is a challenge, especially if you’re backpacking. We weren’t planning on sharing our underwear with the internet, but we learned so much from fellow travelers that described their packing lists in excruciating detail that we felt obliged to return the favour! We’ll return frequently to this page to let you know how our packing list is holding up.

Update: read here all our post-trip tips, including how this packing list fared!

When  you’re planning a round-the-world-trip there are two basic questions that pop up immediately: a) should I take carry-on or checked luggage? and b) should I take quality clothing that will last the entire trip or cheap stuff that I can easily replace along the way?

The first question is relatively easy to answer: take only carry-on luggage if you can, as this will force you to keep lean and avoid the risk of airline misplaced bags. The second question is less obvious: we went with the first option, let’s see if we can manage the entire trip without buying anything else!

Here’s a rundown of our gear:

Our backpacks hold approximately 30 liters, with an extra detachable 15 liter daypack
Our backpacks hold approximately 40 liters, with an extra detachable 15 liter daypack
  1. Each one of us has an Osprey Farpoint 55 backpack, weighting around 11 kg (24 pounds)
  2. These backpacks have a two-in-one design: the main section can be made into a regular bag (thus fooling most airlines in letting you take it in the cabin), and the smaller bag is a great daypack
Jule's gear
Jule’s gear
  1. Jule’s main piece of clothing is a waterproof jacket with a detachable polar liner, plus:
  2. Merino wool t-shirts (merino is the way to go: it’s light, durable, incredibly smell resistant and dries fast)
  3. A pair of jeans, a pair of hiking pants and a pair of shorts
  4. A bikini and a smart Patagonia dress/skirt combo
  5. Merino underwear and…
  6. … you guessed it, merino socks
  7. A merino scarf/headband and a fancier silk scarf
  8. Running gear
  9. Light hiking boots
  10. Running shoes
  11. Flip-flops
Verne’s gear
  1. Verne shamelessly copied Jule’s jacket selection but went for a more manly green
  2. Merino t-shirts (again, merino is the way to go)
  3. A pair of jeans and a pair of pants designed for bicycle commuting (stretchy, water and dirt repellent, smell resistant)
  4. A pair of shorts and a pair of board shorts
  5. A merino scarf/headband
  6. Merino underwear (the pink ones were on sale)
  7. Merino socks
  8. Running gear
  9. Light hiking shoes
  10. Running shoes
  11. Flip-flops
Our gadgets and lucky charm
Our gadgets and lucky charm
  1. Everything above fits nicely into these packing cubes, which help you keep your backpack tidy and organized (ours are from IKEA and are much cheaper than other options)
  2. Odour and germ resistant cycling water bottle (lighter and less bulky than the hiking variety)
  3. Mummy liner
  4. Compact travel towel
  5. Money belt
  6. Travel cutlery
  7. USB charger and worldwide socket adapter
  8. Our lucky charm (a rubber duck Jules won at a fair)
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Smartphone (for keeping in touch and taking pictures)
  11. Small notebook and pen
  12. Smartphone armband for running
  13. iPad Mini with keyboard (used for writing this post)
  14. Kindle ebook reader (books are heavy)
  15. Mobile hotspot (used with a local SIM card to avoid the obscene data roaming costs)
  16. Battery pack (to charge gadgets on the go)
  17. A Garmin Fenix 3 GPS smartwatch (for keeping track of our whereabouts)
  18. A pair of regular earphones and a pair of Bose noise-cancelling earphones (great for the plane)

3 thoughts on “Our Round The World Packing list

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    And thanks for sharing – I’ve been so confused as to what to pack to my trip to India, and this has certainly helped. Didn’t even think to bring a waterproof coat, and the battery pack seems pretty indispensable.


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