Day 0: Farewell Lisbon!

The big day has arrived! We’re catching a red-eye flight tonight to São Paulo, the first stop of our round-the-world trip. It will be quite a while before we set foot in Lisbon again so, between packing and other last-minute preparations, we dug deep into our photo archive to show you some of Lisbon’s best spots. Thinking of dropping by? Let’s exchange some tips!


17 thoughts on “Day 0: Farewell Lisbon!

  1. Olá, Jules and Verne!

    Espero que estejam a gostar desta aventura :)! Para a próxima volta, os cotas também querem acompanhar, não é compadres? Beijinhos para todos


  2. Excellent idea, kids! Will you send the electronic tickets and hotel vouchers by email? Executive class (with on-board champagne) and 5 stars (idem), of course! Do we deserve less? :))


  3. I am planning a trip to Lisbon in 10 days and I dropped here to see whether you wrote something (in that beautiful style of yours) about Lisbon, and if not, whether that is in your plans 😀 Would love some “must not miss ever” on Lisbon from you two 🙂


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